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  • Depreciation Reports and Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • We assist and/or construct a “Depreciation Report” and with the information we gather, provide you with a Preventative Maintenance and Repair Program which schedules future needs to (A) Assist our clients in budgeting for future operating expenses (B) Assist in controlling your costs by applying accepted Preventative Maintenance principles as opposed to much more expensive and unplanned for break-down repairs (C) Assist in controlling operating costs and saving your time by pre-scheduling maintenance and using our staff and our selected and approved subtrades; and (D) utilizing our jointly prepared Depreciation report to guide the scheduling of Preventative Maintenance.

    The Depreciation Report is the basis of our client relationship. In most cases, we are in a position to work directly with you to produce the report. Depending of the depth, availability of working drawings, etc. and the size of your building(s) we have Professional Engineers and other qualified experts in the field that are available. We will help you determine the proper approach for your Depreciation Report.